• ACMT, BTEC level 6 and what it means for massage at FST (including a 10% discount!)

    IMG_1289 Last day of my Upper Body Theory course with my ACMT buddies.

    As some of you well know, over the past few months I have been completing my year-long Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (ACMT) Certificate, which is the first step in a bid to complete the three year BTEC level 6. The BTEC level 6 is the highest massage qualification currently available in the UK (the same level of education received by physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths) and I will be completing my ACMT in December this year.

    The course, which has helped refine my ability to deal with chronic pain treatments, like lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, has given me a host of new tools to use to get better results. The one key fact that I have learned – and anyone looking to get massage, even if it’s not with me should take note – is that best results for the treatment of chronic pain can be seen in a treatment plan that is generally comprised of about 6 treatment sessions.

    Chronic pain treatment

    Sadly, chronic pain cannot be fixed with just one session –  however, that’s not to say you won’t feel some relief after one session. Massage has a cumulative effect and while one treatment may have a short-term benefit, correcting long-term problems takes longer. I guess it might make sense to look at it as a marathon instead of a sprint. The sprint will get you somewhere quickly, but won’t necessarily take you all the way to your destination – and will leave you out of breath/still in pain.

    Why this course exactly?

    I embarked on the ACMT with JING Advanced Massage Training because I wanted to ensure that I offer the very best massage services possible and, following an intense few months of learning and practise, I can see the improved results as I utilise the new techniques on my clients.

    The certification is comprised of ten courses designed to bring massage therapists up to a higher level of specialisation. Each course targets a particular area of the body and gives me a powerful protocol to use right away to treat the pathologies that develop in that area. Protocols involve trigger point therapy, sports stretching, and other advanced techniques to move clients out of pain as quickly as possible. Some of the courses include: low back pain, neck and upper shoulder pain, hip and pelvis pain, shoulder girdle pain and TMJ pain (among others).

    In celebration of all of this new knowledge, I am currently offering a 10% discount on all massage services when you utilise the code ‘JING’ at point of booking. For more information on sessions available, email lh@fleetsportstherapy.co.uk or call Lyndsey on 07454926584

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    Please send me your charges for a deep sports massage. Thanks


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