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  • 14NOV

    Healthy Workplace = Happy Workplace

    It turns out that a lack of exercise in our lives is a silent killer. The World Health Organisation lists physical inactivity as the fourth biggest risk factor for death in adults across the world.  The latest research shows when it comes to heart disease, leading a sedentary life is as great a risk factor

  • 24SEP
    Rugby Hurts

    Rugby Hurts

      Rugby Hurts: How to Prevent Injuries Becoming a Long-Term Problem   As we are now in the throws of the Rugby World, we’ve put together some resources on the topic of rugby injuries.   Did you know?   The hooker (No.2) is the most injured player on the field, accounting for 26% of all

2 weeks ago
Today is Global Move for Health Day. So get active in some way today whether it's inside or out and reap the benefits. Physical activity can improve heart health, strength, energy, immunity, sleep and many other aspects. So get active and feel that sense of achievement 🤗 lyndseyfitness photo
3 weeks ago
Respect to all you office workers sat at a desk all day! I've pulled together a series of simple exercises to help prevent injuries and increase flexibility to help you through the working week #Mondaymotivation lyndseyfitness photo
1 month ago
If you're like me and finding your body is getting increasingly tight or aches and pains are starting to creep in as we work from home, join me tomorrow for a free online 30mins mobility and stretching session. Sign up➡️ lyndseyfitness photo