Why Personal Training?


Achieve real progress towards your health and fitness goals with focused personal training sessions at Fleet Sports Therapy.  Providing motivation, support and a clearly defined route to success, head personal trainer Lyndsey Harwood is on hand to help you achieve tangible results from your training.

The Fleets Sports Therapy studio offers a relaxed environment to train in and is decked out with the latest exercise equipment available. Working in this unique setting, Lyndsey will help you train towards achieving all your health & fitness goals in the quickest way possible. If you’ve already achieved your fitness goals and need a bit of help with finding a new goal, or perhaps are recovering from an injury, Lyndsey has the expertise to help with that too.

Fleet Sports Therapy is located in the heart of Fleet and is easily accessible from Farnborough, Aldershot, Church Crookham and Camberley. So, distance is no excuse to get cracking on a new you! If you are new to personal training or the FST studio, the best way to get going  is to purchase our new starter package. Consisting of three sessions for a discounted fee of £140, the starter pack includes:

  • A thorough health assessment
  • A full fitness appraisal and discussion of your exercise history
  • Focussed goal setting
  • A development of an individual exercise programme
  • Nutritional advice and a comprehensive meal plan
  • 100% motivation and, of course…fun!

Get in touch if you would like anymore information, or to get started!