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Polly Cantle*

“Lyndsey has been a huge help to me over the past 12 months. I first approached her for training in January 2013 and from our very first training session, she’s been a constant source of support for me in my weight loss and fitness goals. She’s patient, friendly and a fantastic source of encouragement in helping you reach your targets. Not only that, but she’s also helped turn excersize from something I hated and feared, into something I look forward to and enjoy. With Lyndsey’s help, I’ve gone down two dress sizes and have lost 3 stone, so am well on the way to a healthier life thanks to her!”




My journey with Lyndsey began after spending a year at home with a poorly baby and being nearly two stone heavier than when I gave birth.  I wasuncomfortable and unfit when Lyndsey was recommended to me by a friend.  We established my goals, she assessed my fitness and devised a food and exercise plan based around how much time I could spend with her and what I could realistically manage at home.  Lyndsey’s skills in both nutrition and fitness mean that the plan has evolved over time with her being quick to adjust it as my fitness has improved.  She intuitively knows when to coax, when to push and when you need that extra shove while being realistic in understanding that occasionally life can just get in the way.

As a result I have seen good, steady weight loss but the biggest change has been in my body shape and fitness. Lyndsey has encouraged me to start running and to my surprise I have found that I really enjoy it and can now set myself greater goals as well as being in great shape to chase around after my now thriving toddler. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Sue Oakley*

Weight Loss




I started with Lyndsey after having my son. I was very self conscious at the time and desperate to loose my baby weight that I had piled on during my pregnancy! I didn’t feel comfortable going to the gym but I felt comfortable with Lyndsey. She has been very supportive and helped motivate me along the way. Making each PT session a challenge and keeping me focused! I am now very close to my target goal and feel so much more confident.


Becky Hilton*

I have been having personal training with Lyndsey for 2 years now and really enjoy going each week! Since starting personal training with Lyndsey my general fitness has really improved and I am now much happier to exercise. Before starting training I could not run, now I have run several half marathons from Lyndsey’s support and helpful training programs. During training I am motivated and encouraged to push myself to reach personal goals and targets as Lyndsey is a very good motivator. I really enjoy doing such a range of different exercises and Lyndsey always gives helpful demonstrations to make sure that I am doing each exercise correctly, also finding me specific exercises to overcome personal injury. I really look forward to going to personal training each week and know I am training in a fun and friendly environment.


James Fitzpatrick-Ellis*

Lyndsey has changed my life! I have gone from a 22 stone couch potato to an 18 stone fitness fanatic who is considering at least one marathon and starting to take part in triathlon later this year. I spent several years in big corporate gyms, spending vast sums of money with little or nothing to show for it. But after working with Fleet Sports Therapy on diet as well as fitness for a few months, my life has been transformed. Thanks!


Colin Jenkins*

My specialist said “two years and you will need a knee replacement”. Three years on training (hard) with Lyndsey and I am still “dancing”. She is a knowledgeable, witty but focused and innovative trainer. And Fleet Sports Therapy has all the facilities required for a good workout.

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