• What is the Btec level 6 massage qualification?

    What is the Btec level 6 massage qualification?

    The Jing BTEC level 6 Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage, is one of a kind. This was developed in order to achieve a superior qualification and have an educational platform to learn advanced techniques, develop confidence and achieve mastery in an specialist area of our choice. This is the only level 6 qualification available in the UK at the moment! This course is where UK therapists can achieve a degree level qualification in Clinical and Sports Massage. This 3 year part time BTEC level 6 Professional Diploma allows therapists to become unparalleled experts in the arena of injury and pain management. Due to the quality of course material and excellence in teaching, the Jing school has been recognised as one of the foremost leaders in the field and has been granted BTEC level 6 accreditation by Edexcel and Pearson for the course they have designed. This qualification puts us on a level that has not been available previously in the UK. Working from the US and Canadian model, JING offers a comprehensive degree level course. This degree builds on our existing knowledge and adds sophisticated assessment and soft tissue expertise. Skills such as a range of fascial techniques, sports techniques such as soft tissue release and event massage, plus a deeper look into anatomy, physiology and pathologies. We have also gained vital orthopaedic assessment skills to determine cause of injury and appropriate treatment.


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